Saturday, February 8, 2014

Jindie Nails - Quit Staring at my Melons

Look what I found on my PC, old pictures in a folder I didn´t knew there were still unposted pictures in!
What a shame I didn´t post these earlier, because now I´m showing you one of the prettiest glitter polishes I own and it´s no longer available. Sorry....

This is Jindie Nails - Quit Staring at my Melons!

How amazing is this polish? I layered it over China Glaze - Sun of a Peach, best neon I own so far (and I own more than I should).

Quit Staring at my Melons is a mix of all sizes matte and holographic circle glitter in the colors pink, green, black, white and i might have overlokked some, but this is so pretty!
For budget-reasons I bought a mini, but I wish I could have bought a full size so I could wear it all the time and over every color I own.

I'm sorry if this made you want this polish badly, because it's probably sold out now.
Do check out Jindie Nails' website, she has so much amazing polishes, you won't be disappointed:

Thank you for checking out these old swatches.
I leave you with a gorgeous picture of my hometown:
Picture of Utrecht (city in The Netherlands), by Donker Utrecht

Have a great weekend!
Inge (PolishSis)


  1. How cute the mani! And looks like your hometown is very beautiful town :)

    1. Thank you Yoannita!
      And my hometown is the most beautiful city of The Netherlands (in my opinion that is) :-)

  2. Wow... Beautiful nails !!! I like it !

  3. omg, those nails looks incredible, nice idea :D


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