Monday, January 13, 2014

My first saran wrap manicure, using Hema and Orly nail polish.

Saran wrap mani is like nail art for people with two left hands, so I love it! Does anybody know who invented this, because I really want to say thank you for it!

How does it work?
Paint your nails in the color you want and let it dry for a few minutes
Take the second color nail polish and put a drop of polish on a piece of foil / plastic / a magazine, you choose. Then you roll a little piece of saran wrap (plastic wrap) into a messy little ball and dip it in the drop of nail polish and stamp it lightly all over your painted nails. Finish with some topcoat and you are done!

Polishes used:
Blue - Hema 835 (it's periwinkle to be exact)
Green - Hema 82
Gold - Orly Luxe

This was my first attempt and I'm a fan of this super easy technique, can't wait to try it with different colors!
I apologize in advance for the many saran wrap mani's you may get to see around here :-)

Hope you have a wonderful week!
My week started great! I don't have to work on Mondays and had alot of fun playing with my son today. He is 1 year and 5 months old and he is just too funny! I feel completely recharged after a day of playing hide and seek, tag you're it and trying to build things with the Duplo.

Thank you so much for watching!!!
Inge (PolishSis)


  1. I love the blue and green nail! It looks so squishy!

    1. That's my favourite too! The colors blend so well together!


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