Splatter nails with Lacquester's Katy Did Pink

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***For English see below***

Een heeeeele tijd geleden was er in de Facebookgroep van Lacquester een challenge, het thema was: Splatter. Dus de bedoeling was lekker te gaan kliederen met nagellak en zo creatieve nagels te maken.
Dat klonk hartstikke gezellig, dus heb ik met nagellak en rietjes de volgende creatie gemaakt:

Lacquester - Katy Did Pink
Ik heb eerst mijn nagels mooi roze gelakt met Lacquester Katy Did Pink, daarna heb ik mijn rietjes gepakt, licht gedipt in de flesjes nagellak en met korte flinke pufjes de lak uit het rietje over mijn roze nagellak heen geblazen, daarna een laagje matte topcoat om het af te maken.

Vandaag vond ik de foto terug en dacht dat het leuk was om deze nog even op de blog te laten zien, want het was wel een gezellige kliederboel geworden op mijn nagels.

This mani was done for a challenge on the Facebookgoup of Laquester a few months ago. I found the picture on my laptop today and thought it was nice to share it on my blog to show the fun mess I made on my nails for this challenge.

I painted my nails with Lacqester's Katy Did Pink, used drinkingstraws to blow the other polishes over my my nails and finished with a matte topcoat.

Heel erg bedankt voor het kijken!

Liefs, Inge (PolishSis)

Mijn favoriete kerstdecoratie van dit jaar

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***Best Christmas decoration of the year! For English see below***

Afgelopen woensdagmiddag gingen we even naar Eurofleur, daar hebben ze ieder jaar een prachtige en vooral grote kerstafdeling. Ik ben gek op alles dat glimt, glittert, licht geeft en vrolijke kleurtjes heeft, dus zo'n kerstafdeling is helemaal wat voor mij!

Toen ik langs deze afdeling kwam werd ik echt blij van alle bijzondere en grappige dingen zie ik zag staan en toen viel mijn oog op deze geweldige decoraties die in één van de showdisplays hingen. Het zijn zielsgelukkige vrouwtjes in feestelijke kleding, compleet met bungelende oorbelletjes die met hun ronde kontjes zitten in een cocktailglas. ze kijken ook een beetje teut alsof ze er al flink wat van opgedronken hebben.

Als groot liefhebber van een margarita (die mijn Lief trouwens heerlijk kan maken, met o.a. versgeperste citroenen en limoenen), heb ik uiteindelijk het groene vrouwtje gekocht.
Zo gelukkig kijkt ze, zittend in haar lege cocktailglas, leunend op een citroentje.

Ze staat nu eenzaam op de eettafel, want ik heb eigenlijk nog geen mooie plek voor haar.
en eigenlijk vind ik dat dit vrouwtje niet alleen met kerstmis een plaatsje in huis verdient.

Voor een kerstbal is het iets aan de prijzige kant: € 14,95
Om die reden heb ik maar één van deze tipsy vrouwtjes gekocht, maar ik hoop na de kerst nog met korting één of meerdere dronken kleine zusters van haar te kunnen aanschaffen.

En kijk ook eens naar deze gezellige vis met dikke glitterlippen, hoge taart-hoed, grote kralenketting en een gebakje op haar vin. daar werd ik ook zo vrolijk van!

Van de rest van de winkel werd ik ook blij hoor, er is voor iedereen wat
Voor een kleurrijke kerst

Voor een traditionele kerst

Voor je eigen ijspaleis

Voorlopig ben ik nog niet klaar voor de Kerst (eerst Sinterklaas nog, jeeej!), maar de beste Kerstdecoratie van het jaar heb ik al binnen!

Last Wednesday I went to a store that has a huge Christmas department this time of the year. there I found these amazing decorations: little women sitting in a cocktailglass, wearing festive clothing and jewelry while looking absolutely happy. Wouldn't you if you were sitting in a huge cocktail?
So I bought the green little lady as she represents my favorite cocktail; a margarita.
The day after Christmas I will return to this store and hope they have huge discount on Christmasdecorations so I can buy all het druk little sisters.

Iedereen alvast een heel fijn weekend gewenst!!!

Inge (PolishSis)

PolishAlcoholic - Keep S'myelin (an MS awareness nailpolish)

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Warning: I bought this polish last May, it was limited edition and if you like what you see, I'm very sorry; you can't get it anymore. But do check out the PolishAlcoholic's shop, because she has a nice red holo that could be this polish sexy sister. More info below.
In the sun

About Keep S'myelin: This is an orange holo, a portion of the sales goes to the MS National Foundation. 
The name "Keep S'myelin" is brilliantly chosen, let's all give Sabrina PolishAlcoholic an applause for that. This name means 2 things: 
1) Keep myelin = the material in your body that makes sure your nervous system works as it should .
     When you have MS, your body attacks it's own myelin, that results in a loss of myelin and therefore damage to the nervous system. You want to keep that myelin!!!
2) Keep smiling = the only thing you can do when you have MS, because being a sad grumpy person     does not make you better and only makes you a not-fun person to be around. There will be bad days, but there will also be good days. So keep smiling (and have some wine occasionally).
In the sun

Okay let me be honest here: I don't really like orange. If it wasn't for the MS Foundation and to show my support to PolishAlcoholic (who also has MS), I would have never bought this polish, that happens to be orange because that is the MS support color. 
I do like holo (are there people who don't like holo????) so I actually like this polish because it looks lovely in the sun with that holo sparkle in it.
In the shade

This is two coats, it went on a little sheer, but as you can see it covers well with just two coats. 
After two days of wear I had enough of all the oange (as I said: I don't really like orange) and decided to add pink to it. Orange and pink is a great combination. I added a sheer OPI Sorbet called Do You Think I'm Tex-y, which is super glossy and sheer so you can see some of the holo shining through.

In the shade, no sun that day :-(
If you like this polish and you are super sad it is all sold out, please check the PolishAlcoholic for more awesome polishes:
Store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PolishAlcoholic?ref=shopsection_shophome_leftnav
Website/blog: http://polishalcoholic.com/ 

Thank you so much for watching.
Have a great weekend!!!!

Love, Inge (PolishSis)

Zoya Rica shown by my 2 y.o. son

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So my son really loves nail polish. He is 2 years and 9 months old and if he finds a bottle of polish he immediately wants his nails done. Since his fascination with my polish began, I try to put all the bottles away as soon as I'm done with them. But when I was taking pictures of my birthday-nails he asked if I could make his nails orange. I just can't refuse if he askes me something with that cute little voice of him.

After I painted his tiny nails I resumed taking pictures of my own nails, but he kept putting his cute small chubby hands next to mine. He wanted me to take pictures of his nails.
Again I couldn't refuse. You see the pattern here?

(PS- Technically Zoya Rica is not an orange, but a coral. But he loved it anayway.)

He is going to be the Hollands Next Male Handmodel for sure :-)

And a sneakpeak of the nails that I was taking pictures of when the above all happened. I'm not done picking out pictures, cropping them etc, but they will be up on the blog real soon.

He usually does one day with his nailpolish, being a toddler is tough on your nails, so mostly by the time he goes to bed there are only small traces of polish left.

Ofcourse this is no real review, just me showing off my boys cute hands with polished nails. I did a real review a long while back, you can find it here.

Have a great weekend everybody!!!
Thank you for watching ;-)

Love, Inge (Polishsis)

Twinkled T Nail Vinyls

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While looking at all the amazing nails on Instagram I found the perfect nail vinyls: Twinkled T's Cyclone vinyls. I fell in love and found out they were available for a reasonable price via their Etsy shop. So a few minutes later I had placed my order. I added some stripes and chevrons too, because, you know how that goes, you just can't just buy one product.

They arrived quickly and I couldn't wait to try the cyclones out, so I used them over the nail polish I was wearing.

Products used:
Black: Orly Liquid Vinyl
Glitter: Orly Gold Prism
Gold: OPI My Favorite Ornament
Nail Vinyls in Cyclone and Chevron

This was just a little testrun on the vinyls, but I liked the result so much that I took some pictures to show it to you.

Using the cyclone vinyls took me some practice and patience, especially patience. These vinyls are very sticky. The first two vinyls got stuck on eachother when I tried to pick one off the sheet, The third got stuck on itself, it spiraled back after removing it from the sheet and when I tried to fix it I only made it worse and couldn't use it anymore.
Placing it back on my nail also required an insane amount of patience and a steady hand to get them in the right place and with the right spacing between the spirals, but the results are very much worth it!

Have you ever tried these cyclones? If you have, do you have any tips on placing them that might make it a bit easier? I used tweezers as they suggested, but it still took me some time to get it right.
If you haven't used them before and you want to try them, check out their website HERE  (worldwide shipping only $2)

Thank you so much for watching!
Have a great weekend :-)

Love, Inge (Polishsis)

Born Pretty Store Vintage Damask Image Plate

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I haven't done stamping in a long long time, I am not that good with the stampingbusiness, but I love the results.
So when Born Pretty asked me to do a review, I decided to give it another try. I chose a wonderful plate called Vintage Damask.

It really is a pretty plate, but does it work even with my poor staming skills?
Here are a few pictures I of mani's in wich i used thus plate.
Let's start with the very worst mani I stamped and finish with the best ;-)

So above is the most awful stamping I ever did, because I just couldn't get it straight. BUT on the bright side: even with my poor skills the image itself looks fine. So jayyy for the beautiful image and boooo for my skills.

This mani is less sucky than the one before. I usually use staming to pimp a 1 or 2 day old mani that i'm not willing to remove. Or if the basecolor is just a little mehhh for my taste and I want to make it a little more special. The last thing is what happened above, i didn't like the base, but some staming made it instantly fancy.

The stamping is not that good, but here I found out why: it's my old Konad stamper. I need to press it down too firmly and it squashed the image a bit and I can't get it around the curve of my nail.
A new stamper (from Born Pretty also) has been ordered and I hope that the squishy soft stamper works better for me.

In this mani the stamping actually worked pretty nice! I really like the Vintage Damask Plate fom Born Pretty and I can highly recommend this plate to you. The images are pretty and even with poor skills you can get decent images and very fancy nails.

If you are intereseted in buying this plate, you can find it HERE

I will do some more stamping with this image plate once my new stamper arrives, so stay tuned ;-)

Hope you all have a great day!
Lots of love,

Inge (PolishSis)

A colorful mani using rainbow nailfoil

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About six years ago I once bought nailfoils with special glue to get the foil to stick. It was a horrible disaster. I watched the tutorials, but after many attempts to create something decent for my blog, I gave the foils and glue away. I didn't want it in my house any longer to remind me of the many failures with it.
Last year a few of my favorite bloggers did some amazing mani's with nailfoil without the glue, I drooled over their pictures. Again I bought some nailfoils and followed their tutorials...and this time it worked :-) 

Nailfoil without topcoat

Paint your nails the way you are used to, wait for the polish to dry and harden a bit, but it still has to be a little sticky for the foil. Put the foil on your nails and rub over it with your nails or a hoofstick and watch the magic happen. If the polish dries too fast and the foil doesn't stick anymore, just add a thin layer of clear polish and repeat the steps.

Video tutorial by Kerri from The Nail Polish Challenge
Nailfoil with topcoat

The tutorial says the use of topcoat reduces the shine. I let you judge by yourself from the two pictures in this post. The first is without topcoat, the second with topcoat. My opinion is that topcoat gives it a much smoother and glossier look, which I prefer, Not to mention your mani wil last much longer.

So  yay for nailfoils! You can make any boring polish into a unique work of art, just by scratching a small piece of foil over your just painted nails. Love it. Now I only have to think of a way to use it in a manicure that is a little more Safe For Work.

I hope everybody had a lovely Easter.

And thank you so much for watching!

Love, Inge (PolishSis)

My first Ultra Chrome flakies by PolishAlcoholic: Baby Boom Galaxy and Fireworks Galaxy

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When the first pictures of the ILNP ultrachrome flakies showed up, I immediately knew I needed ultra chrome flakies in my life as I had never seen anything like it in my life. Soon after I noticed more indies making their own incredible versions with these flakies and I fell in love with the flakies by PolishAlcoholic and I was surprised to find out she is a Dutchie, like me! Yay for Dutch Indie brands!!!
I ordered two of her flakies on Sunday and received them on Tuesday and did a quick swatch immediately with both of them (over a nude polish) because I just couldn't wait ty try them out!

Bring on the Ooohhh's and Aaahhh's ladies, because this is some serious nailporn!
The green is Baby Boom Galaxy and the purple is Fireworks Galaxy and they are magical. Feast you eyes on this!

My favorite is by FAR Baby Boom Galaxy, because the flakies reflect a rainbow of colors and the dominant color is green, which I love.
But just look at that bottle I'm holding, that is Fireworks Galaxy, pretty amazing too, right?
I might have a small problem now, because two ultra chrome flakies are not enough to satisfy my newest addiction. Buy all the ultra chrome flakies!!!!!!!

Thank you Sabrina from PolishAlcoholic for making these insanely pretty polishes, check out her Etsy store here, she ships worldwide.

I will soon post more swatches of these flakies as I'm interested how they look over different colors.

Thank you so much for watching!
Have a great day!

Love, Inge (PolishSis)

Purple manicure with Golden Rose, Nicole by OPI and China Glaze

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This was not the manicure I wanted to do, but I made a big mess on my index and middlefinger, so the only way to fix that was to cover the entire nail with glitter. Glitter fixes everything.

Products used;
Glitter: Golden Rose Jolly Jewel 112
Dark purple: Nicole by OPI "I'm a Pool for Love"
Metallic lilac: China Glaze "Harmony"
Stripes made with SmART Nails stencils
Stamping plate: Born Pretty Store "Vintage Damask"

To be honest, I absolutely hated Nicole by OPI "I'm a Pool for Love". It rarely happens that I really don't like a polish, but this goes directly to my never-use-this-polish-ever-again-drawer. Just awful. I didn't like the application (serious bald spots that were not easy to cover up) and on the nail it just lokked 'meh'.

More nailart by other creative ladies:


    An InLinkz Link-up

Thank you so much for watching.
Have an amazing day!

Love, Inge (PolishSis)

My first attempt using nail foil

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So this weeks prompt is 'flowers' and 'light blue'. I use this challenge to inspire me to do new things (or just to pick a color, as I'm usually clueless about what to wear on my nails). I might do the flowers later this week, but for now the 'light blue' inspired me to try out the nail foils I ordered a while ago.

My boyfriends reaction when I showed him the pictures: "Is it supposed to look like that???"
LOL! Yes dear, it is supposed to be this random and I did not mean to cover the entire nail.

Products used:
- Hema light blue nr 83 (perfect coverage in 2 easy coats)
- nailfoil

I looked at a few Youtube tutorials about how to use the foil without using glue and it looked fairly easy, so I just gave it a go. It was indeed easy and alot of fun so be prepared to see more nailfoils around here!!!! (I have 5 more unused foils left)

You just paint your nails, wait a few minutes until the polish is dry, but a little tacky, then you put the foil an your nail and rub on it until it transfers on your nail.
I found this tutorial by The nail Polish Challenge very helpful.

I didn't try to cover the entire nail because I wanted the light blue base to be visible. But I guess if you really want to, you can reapply the foil a few times for a better coverage.
with topcoat
The tutorial said you shouldn't apply topcoat over the foil as it reduces the shine. After taking the first pictures I decided to apply some topcoat to see the result. Nothing bad happened as you can see on the picture above.

If you want to see more manicures with the theme 'Light blue' or 'Flowers', please check out the awesome ladies below: 

Thank you so much for watching
Have a great day!

Love, Inge (PolishSis)

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