Thursday, April 29, 2010

Queensday / major nail-art fail ;-)

Het is koninginnenacht, mijn nagels zijn neon oranje ( zie hier ), maar voordat ik de stad in ga wil ik mijn totaal mislukte, maar toch leuke try-out Koninginnedag-mani nog aan jullie laten zien.

It's Queensnight ( tomorrow it's Queensday, but we start partying tonight ), my nails are neon-orange (see here) but before I hit the town I would like to share my totally failed, but still fun try-out Queensday-mani with you.
Ja, ik zei al dat het mislukt was!!!
De reden dat het mislukt is komt doordat ik te veel rode en blauwe nagellak had gebruikt waardoor draden lak meekwamen toen ik het plakbandje eraf haalde. Deze draden landden op de witte lak en lieten deze mooie vlekken achter.

I told you it was a total fail!!!
The reason it looks messy like this is because I used too much red and blue polish, so when I removed the tape threads of polish came off and landed on the white.
( FYI - Our national flag has red, white and blue stripes)

Ik wens jullie allemaal een fantastische avond, wat je ook gaat doen.
I wish everyone a great evening, no matter what you're doing.


  1. Awww :P
    Well, the thought was there. Poor flag mani.
    Happy Queen's Day!

  2. Happy Queem's Day to you both. What a shame that happened. You tried and it still looks nice.

  3. cute! Ive done that mani on Queensday for years, it's so much fun :)

  4. TOO Cute!! Happy Queens Day!! Welcome to the blog world!! I'll be sure to put you on my blog roll!!

  5. Thank you all for the lovely comments even though I made a huge mess of my mani, you are all too kind :-D


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