Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December Glitter #8: My Glitter and Glamour mani with China Glaze Nova

On Christmas Eve I held a Glitter&Glamour dinnerparty and I needed a mani that was blingtastic to the max and would look great with the black and white partydress I wore!
China Glaze Nova is the best silver glitterpolish in the whole world so this is the one I chose to wear this Christmas and layered it over black.

Op kerstavond hield ik een Glitter&Glamour etentje en ik had een mani nodig die waanzinnig blingtastisch was en mooi zou staan bij de zwart-witte feestjurk die ik droeg! China Glaze Nova is de beste zilveren glitternagellak in de wereld, dus natuurlijk koos ik hiervoor en droeg het over zwart.
The picture above is 2 coats Nova over black. The picture below is 1 coat Nova over black
De foto hierboven is 2 lagen Nova over zwart. De foto hieronder is 1 laag Nova over zwart
Last March I reviewed Nova, but the pictures were horrible as I didn't have a camera yet and took pictures with my cellphone. I you are interested, the full review is here. For now I just want to share some better pictures with you:

Afgelopen maart heb ik al een review gedaan van Nova, maar de foto's waren echt vreselijk omdat ik nog geen fotocamera had en foto's maakte met mn mobieltje. Als je erin geïnteresseerd bent dan vind je die review hier. Nu wil ik jullie graag wat betere foto's laten zien.
This is just two coats of Nova!!!!

Thank you so much for watching this sparkly Christmas manicure!


  1. How Happy! It does look like a fantastic glitter!

  2. Nova looks so pretty..but it looks tough to remove too!

  3. Shiny, sparkly, and *awesome!!!* It looks great!

  4. so pretty. looks like it goes well with black & white.

  5. Wow! so gorgeous...looks like you have on 10 coats :)

  6. Ooh, sparkly! I love sparkles :D

  7. sparklinggg!!
    I love glitter very well!!
    this is gorgeous!!

  8. Another wow!! It's no wonder you chose this one. I bet if you looked closely enough, you'd be able to see your reflection in the glitters. Heh heh! ;D


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